Holy Quran 78

1OF WHAT ARE they asking one another?
2(Is it) of the great announcement
3About which they have been differing?
4Indeed they will come to know soon;
5They will indeed come to know soon.
6Did We not make the earth a spreading,
7The mountains tent-pins?
8We created you in pairs,
9And made sleep for you to rest,
10The night a covering,
11And the day for seeking livelihood.
12We raised over you several secure (skies),
13And placed a lamp therein brightly burning.
14And We sent down rain from water-laden clouds pouring in torrents
15That We may produce from it grain and vegetation,
16And orchards full of trees and interlacing boughs.
17Surely a time is fixed for the Day of Judgement.
18The day the trumpet blast is sounded you will come in hordes;
19The heavens will be opened wide and turn into so many doors,
20The mountains put in motion turning into a mirage.
21Certainly Hell lies in wait,
22The rebels' abode,
23Where they will remain for aeons,
24Finding neither sleep nor any thing to drink
25Except boiling water and benumbing cold:
26, A fitting reward.
27They were those who did not expect a reckoning,
28And rejected Our signs as lies.
29We have kept account of everything in a book.
30So taste (the fruit of what you sowed), for We shall add nothing but torment,
31As for those who preserve themselves from evil and follow the straight path, there is attainment for them:
32Orchards and vineyards,
33And graceful maidens of the same age,
34And flasks full and flowing.
35They will hear no blasphemies there or disavowals:
36A recompense from your Lord, a sufficient gift,
37The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and all that lies between them, most benevolent, to whom none may dare address a word.
38The day the Spirit takes its stand, with the angels ranged in rows. None will speak except who is permitted by Ar-Rahman and says what is right.
39That day is certain. So whosoever likes may prepare a way to his Lord.
40We have indeed warned you of a calamity near at hand, a day when man will see what he had sent (of his deeds) ahead, and the unbeliever will say: "Woe alas. Ah would that I were dust!"