Holy Quran 54

1THE HOUR HAS come and split is the moon.
2But if they see a sign they turn away, and say: "This is the same old lie continuing,"
3And deny, and follow their own vain desires; but every matter is determined at its time.
4Messages deterring them from evil had come to them,
5Containing consummate wisdom; yet warnings were of no avail.
6So turn away from them. When on the Day the crier calls to the painful business,
7They will come out of the graves with downcast eyes like an expanding swarm of locusts.
8They will hasten forward to the caller, gazes fixed. And the unbelievers will say: "This is the day of untold woe."
9The people of Noah had denied before them, and had called Our votary a liar, and said: "He is possessed," and repulsed him.
10So he prayed to his Lord: "I am helpless, deliver me."
11And We opened up the flood gates of the sky with water pouring down in torrents,
12And We opened up the springs of the earth; and the waters met for a decreed end.
13But We bore him on a (vessel made) of planks and oakum,
14Which sailed right under Our eyes: A recompense for him who had been denied.
15And We left it as a sign. Is there anyone who will be warned?
16How was then My punishment and My commination!
17Easy have We made the Qur'an to understand: So is there any one who will be warned?
18The 'Ad had also disavowed. How was then My punishment and My commination!
19We let loose against them a violent roaring wind on a day of ill omen, continuous,
20Which snatched away men as though they were palm trees pulled out by the roots.
21How was then My punishment and My commination!
22Easy have We made the Qur'an to understand: So is there any one who will pay heed?
23The Thamud rejected the warnings,
24And said: "Should we follow only one man among us? In that case we shall he in error and insane.
25Was he the one of all of us to have been given the exposition? He is surely an impudent liar."
26"Tomorrow they will know who is the impudent liar!
27We shall send the she-camel to try them. So watch them, and be constant.
28Tell them that the water is to be apportioned between them (and her); and every turn of drinking will be fixed (for each)."
29But they called their commander, who seized and hamstrung her.
30How was then My punishment of which they had been warned?
31We sent a single blast against them, and they were reduced to husks of a decayed fence.
32Easy have We made the Qur'an to understand: So is there any one who will be warned?
33The people of Lot rejected the warnings.
34We sent a stone-hurtling storm against them, except the family of Lot whom We saved in the early hours of the morning
35As a favour from Us. That is how We reward the grateful.
36He had warned them of Our might, but they passed over the warnings.
37They lusted after his guests, so We put out their eyes (and said): "Taste My punishment and My commination."
38And early in the morning the decreed punishment came upon them.
39So now taste My punishment and My commination!
40Easy have We made the Qur'an to understand: So is there any one who will be warned?
41The warnings came to the people of Pharaoh.
42They rejected each one of Our signs. So We seized them with the grip of one mighty and powerful.
43Are the unbelievers among you any better than they? Or is there immunity for you in the Scriptures?
44Or do they say: "We are a well-accoutred army?"
45The army will be routed and put to flight.
46Surely the Hour will be the moment of their promise, and that moment will be calamitous and distressing.
47Surely the sinners are misguided and insane.
48On that Day they will be dragged into the fire faces foremost, (and told:) "Taste the feel of Hell."
49We have indeed created all things by measure;
50And Our command is but one (word) swift as the winking of an eye.
51We have destroyed the likes of you in the past: So is there any one who will be warned?
52All things they do are (recorded) in the books;
53All things small or great have been written down.
54Surely those who fear God and follow the straight path will be amidst gardens and light,
55At the still centre in the proximity of the King all-powerful.