Holy Quran 36

2I call to witness the Qur'an, custodian of all laws, --
3That you are indeed one of those sent
4On a path that is straight, --
5A revelation from the mighty, ever-merciful (God),
6That you may warn a people whose ancestors had never been warned, who are therefore heedless.
7The sentence is surely justified against most of them, for they do not believe.
8We will certainly put iron collars on their heel's which will come up to their chins, so that they will not be able to raise their heads.
9And We shall raise a barrier in front of them and a barrier behind them, and cover them over so that they will not be able to see.
10Whether you warn them or do not warn, it is all the same; they will not believe.
11You can only warn him who listens to the warning and fears Ar-Rahman secretly. So give him good news of forgiveness and a generous reward.
12It is We indeed who bring back the dead to life, and write down what they send ahead (of their deeds), and traces that they leave behind. We keep an account of all things in a lucid register.
13Narrate to them the example of the people of the city when the messengers came to it.
14When We sent two of them they called them liars; so We sent a third to strengthen them. "We have been sent to you," they said.
15"You are only men like us," they replied; "Ar-Rahman has not sent down any thing. You are speaking only lies."
16(The messengers) said: "Our Lord knows that we have been sent to you.
17Our duty is to convey the message clearly."
18They rejoined: "We feel you augur ill. If you do not desist, we shall stone you to death, and inflict a grievous punishment on you."
19(The messengers) said: "The augury is within your own selves. Do you (consider it a bad omen) that you should be warned? You are a people guilty of excess."
20Then a man came running from the other side of the city. "O my people," he said, "follow the messengers.
21Follow those who do not ask for any recompense of you, and are rightly guided.
22Why should I not worship Him who brought me into being, to whom you will be brought back in the end?
23Should I take other gods apart from Him, who would neither be able to intercede for me nor save me if Ar-Rahman brings me harm?
24In that case I would surely be in clear error.
25I believe in your Lord, so listen to me."
26(But they stoned him to death.) It was said to him: "Enter Paradise;" and he said: "If only my people knew
27How my Lord has forgiven me and made me one of those who are honoured!"
28We did not send down any army against his people from heaven, nor did We have to send one.
29There was just one blast, and they were extinguished.
30Alas for men! No apostle ever came to them but they made fun of him.
31Have they not seen how many generations have We destroyed before them who will not return again?
32They will all be brought together before Us.
33There is a sign in the dead earth for them which We quicken, and produce from it grain which they eat.
34We have laid out gardens of dates and grapes upon it, and made springs of water flow,
35So that they may eat of its fruit; yet it was not done by their hands. Then why do they not acknowledge thanks?
36All glory to Him who created pairs of everything that grows from the earth, and out of themselves, and other things they do not know.
37And there is a sign in the night for them. We strip off the day from it and they are left in darkness,
38While the sun keeps revolving in its orbit. This is the dispensation of the mighty, all-knowing (God).
39We have determined the stations of the moon, so that (after its wanderings) it returns as a dried up inflorescent spike of dates.
40Neither can the sun overtake the moon, nor the night outpace the day: Each of them keeps coursing in its orbit.
41That We bore their progeny in the laden ark is a sign for them;
42And We made similar vessels for them to ride.
43We could have drowned them if We pleased, and none would have answered their cry for help, nor would they have been saved,
44Unless by Our benevolence, to reap advantage for a time.
45When it is said to them: "Beware of what is before you and what is past, that you may be treated with kindness;"
46None of the signs of their Lord ever comes to them but they turn away from it.
47When they are told: "Spend of what God has given you," the unbelievers say to those who believe: "Why should we feed those whom God should have fed if He pleased?" You are only in palpable error.
48And they say: "When will this promise come to pass, if what you say is true?"
49They are only waiting for a single blast that will seize them, but they will go on contending.
50Then they would not be able to make a will, or go back to their people.
51When the trumpet blast is sounded they will come out of their graves and hasten to their Lord,
52Saying: "Ah woe, who has roused us from our sleep?" This is what Ar-Rahman had promised, and whose truth the apostles had affirmed.
53It would be but a single blast of the trumpet, and they would all be arraigned before Us.
54No soul will be wronged the least that Day, nor would be recompensed but only for what it had done.
55Surely the inmates of Paradise will be engaged in pastimes.
56They and their companions will recline on couches in the shade.
57For them will be fruits and whatever they ask.
58"Peace" shall be the greeting from the merciful Lord.
59(And the guilty will be told:) "O sinners, separate yourselves this day.
60Did I not commit you, O children of Adam, not to worship Satan who is your acknowledged foe,
61But to serve Me; (that) this is the straight path?
62But he beguiled a great many of you. Why did you not then understand?
63This is the Hell that you were promised.
64Roast in it now for having disbelieved."
65We shall seal their lips that day; and their hands will speak, their feet testify to what they had done.
66We could take away their sight if We pleased; then they would run around to find the way: But how then would they see?
67And if We pleased We could paralyse them in their tracks, and they would not be able to move forward or turn back.
68Whoever reaches old age, We reverse in natural disposition. Do they not have sense (to see)?
69We have not taught (Muhammad) to versify, nor is it worthy of him. This is nothing but a reminder and illuminating discourse,
70So that he may warn him who is alive and feels, and justify the word against those who do not believe.
71Do they not see the cattle among things We have fashioned by Our power, which they own,
72Whom We made subservient to them so that some of them they ride and some they eat?
73And they derive other advantages and drinks from them. Even then they do not offer thanks,
74And take other gods apart from God that they may perhaps give them help.
75They will not be able to help them and will be brought (to Us) as their levied troops.
76So be not grieved by what they say. We certainly know what they hide and disclose.
77Does not man see We created him from a drop of semen? Even then he becomes an open contender,
78And applies comparisons to Us, having forgotten his origin, and says: "Who can put life into decayed bones?"
79Say: "He who created you the first time. He has knowledge of every creation,
80Who gave you fire from a green tree, with which you ignite the flame."
81How can He who created the heavens and the earth not be able to create others like them? Why not? He is the real creator all-knowing.
82When He wills a thing He has only to say: "Be," and it is.
83So all glory to Him who holds all power over everything, to whom you will go back in the end.