Holy Quran 30

2The Romans have been conquered
3In the neighbouring land. But having been conquered they will conquer
4In a few years (less than ten). God's is the imperative first and last. On that day the believers will rejoice
5In the help of God. He helps whom He will; He is all-mighty, ever-merciful.
6It is a promise of God; and God does not go back on His promise. Yet most men do not understand:
7They only know the palpable life of this world, and are oblivious of the Hereafter.
8Do they not think for themselves that God did not create the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them without reason and a determined purpose? But many men reject the meeting with their Lord.
9Have they not travelled on the earth and seen how the others before them had met their end? They were far more powerful than them, furrowed the earth and colonised it far more than they; and their apostles came to them with visible signs. It was surely not for God to wrong them, they wronged themselves.
10Therefore evil was the end of those who did evil, for they denied the signs of God and made fun of them.
11God originates creation, and then will revert it, then you will go back to Him.
12The day the Resurrection comes the sinners will be overwhelmed with despair.
13No intercessor will they have among those they associated (with God), and will reject their partners.
14The day the Hour comes they will be separated into categories.
15Those who believed and did the right will be feasted in a rich, well-watered meadow.
16Those who did not believe and rejected Our signs and the meeting in the Hereafter, will be given over to punishment.
17So extol God when the evening comes and the day dawns,
18For His is the praise in the heavens and the earth, -- and at nightfall and the time of noon.
19He brings the living from the dead, the dead from the living, and quickens the earth after it had died. So will you be brought forth (from the dead).
20Among His signs is that He created you from the earth, and you are now human beings dispersed everywhere.
21Another of His signs is that He created mates of your own kind of yourselves so that you may get peace of mind from them, and has put love and compassion between you. Verily there are signs in this for those who reflect.
22Among other signs of His is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variety of your tongues and complexions. Surely there are signs in this for those who understand.
23Another of His signs is the night, a time for you to sleep, and the day to seek His bounty. Verily there are signs in this for those who pay heed.
24Another of His signs is the lightning He shows to fill you both with dread and hope, and the water He sends down from the sky which reawakens the earth that was dead. There are indeed signs in this for those who have sense.
25Another of His signs is that the heavens and the earth stay in position by His command; and then when He will call you once you will come out of the earth.
26All those who are in the heavens and the earth are His, and they are all obedient to Him.
27It is He who first creates and then reverts it. This is how His law works inevitably. His semblance is of the most sublime in the heavens and the earth. He is all-mighty and all-wise.
28He gives you an example from your own life: Do you possess among your dependants any partners in what We have bestowed on you, so that you and they have equal (share) in it, and that you fear them as you fear each other? That is how We explain Our signs clearly for those who comprehend.
29And yet the wicked follow their own lusts without understanding. Who can show the way to those whom God allows to go astray? None will they have to help them.
30So keep yourself exclusively on the true way, the creational law of God according to which He created man with the quality of choosing right or wrong. There is no altering of God's creation. This is the supreme law. But most men do not understand.
31Turn towards Him and be dutiful to Him; be firm in devotion, and do not become an idolater,
32(Or) one of those who created rifts in their order and are divided into sects, with each group exulting in what it has (carved out for itself) --
33When misfortune befalls men they pray to their Lord and turn to Him; but afterwards when He has given them a taste of His benevolence a section of them begins to ascribe compeers to their Lord
34So as to deny what We have given them. Please yourselves for a time; you will come to know soon.
35Have We sent down a charter to them which mentions what they associate with Him?
36When We give men a taste of Our benevolence they start rejoicing in it. When misfortune befalls them as a result of what they have done themselves, they begin to despair.
37Do they not see God increases or decreases the means of whosoever He please? Verily there are signs in this for those who believe.
38So, give their share to the relatives, the needy, and the wayfarers. This is best for those who seek the way that leads to God, and they will be successful.
39What you give on interest to increase (your capital) through others' wealth, does not find increase with God; yet what you give (in alms and charity) with a pure heart, seeking the way of God, will be doubled.
40It is God who created you, then gave you sustenance, then He will make you die, and bring you back to life. Is there one among those you associate with Him who can do the least of these things? Too high and exalted is He for what they associate with Him!
41Corruption has spread over land and sea from what men have done themselves that they may taste a little of what they have done: They may haply come back (to the right path).
42Say: "Travel on the earth and see how came the end of those before you." Most of them were idolaters.
43So set your face towards the straight path before the day arrives from God which is irreversible. Men will be segregated on that day.
44So that he who disbelieves will bear the consequence of his unbelief; and he who does the right will straighten out the way for himself,
45So that God may reward those who believed and did what was good, by His grace. Surely He does not love unbelievers.
46Among His signs are the breezes He sends as harbingers of happy news, so that He may allow you to taste of His mercy, and that ships may sail by His command, and you may seek of His bounty, and may haply be grateful.
47Verily We sent many apostles before you to their people, who brought clear signs with them. Then We retributed those who were sinful. It is a duty incumbent on Us to help the believers.
48It is God who sends the breezes that raise clouds, then spreads them over the sky as He please, fold on fold, then you see the drops of rain issue from between them. When He sends it down to those of His creatures as He will, they are filled with joy,
49Although before it came down they were despondent.
50So consider the signs of His benevolence: How He quickens the earth after it had become waste. He is verily the one who will raise the dead. He has power over everything.
51If We send a (blighting) wind and they see (the earth) seared autumnal, they would surely become ungrateful.
52You cannot make the dead to listen nor the deaf hear the call when they have turned back and retreated,
53Nor can you make the blind see the way when they have gone astray. You can make none hear except those who believe Our signs and have come to submission.
54It is God who created you of weakness, then after weakness gave you strength, then after strength will give you weakness and grey hair. Surely He makes whatever He wills. He is all-knowing and all-powerful.
55The day Resurrection is set the sinners will swear: "We did not tarry more than an hour (and cannot be guilty)." That is how they have always been deceived.
56But those who were given the knowledge and belief will say: "You have tarried, according to the Book of God, as long as the Day of Resurrection, and this is the Day of Resurrection, but 'you do not know."
57Their excuses will be of no avail to the sinners on that day, and they will not be allowed to beg for favour.
58We have offered every kind of example here in this Qur'an to men. Even then if you bring a verse to them, those who disbelieve say: "You are nothing but a liar."
59That is how God seals the hearts of those who do not know.
60So have patience. The promise of God is surely true; and let not those who do not believe make you relax (your endeavours).